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Christine Grimes - Artist Statement and Bio

Sentient Connections

Life is wildly differentiated.  From unicellular extremophiles to elephants, life has adapted to the environment in fantastic, diverse ways.  While appreciating the abundance of variation there is something beautiful that happens when I contemplate the vital spark that animates each life form—something common to us all.  The circuitous path of our evolution leads us through geological history to distant common ancestors.  Those threads of heredity are a continuous link to the past and to each other.  Learning about and contemplating these incredible connections gives me a feeling that is beyond words but is akin to awe, mystical revelation, and deep peace.  This is the feeling I am trying to convey through my works.  The plants and animals I use as my subjects are ones I have felt a connection to, through poignant dreams or through my ecological ties to the land.  As much as these relationships feel personal they also have an important historical and social context.  Animals and plants have evolved alongside us, right from the beginning, and these ties are reflected within our symbols and stories.

With our modern technologies and societies it is easy to feel disconnected from our environment  which makes it ever more crucial to take time to contemplate and appreciate our ultimate interconnectedness, both as a resource for wellbeing and to become more conscientious about our impact on the ecosystems we belong to.


Christine Grimes graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, earning a bachelors in fine art with a focus on painting.  Since beginning her studies she has been an active volunteer, working with organizations and grass roots initiatives to help protect ecologically significant places and improve sustainability.  She is a passionate naturalist and spends much of her time in nature with her husband and friends, backpacking, hiking, horseback riding, wild-crafting, and learning about the ecosystems and creatures of the world.